• linzerkekse5

    Rolled Linzer Cookies

    Ta ta ta!! A little later this week ( I was down with a bad stomach bug, thanks to my daughters kindergarten ), but here comes a great cookie recipe for Christmas time: Rolled Linzer cookies. Filled

  • bratapfelrollen

    Baked apple-rolls

    Just one week left until the first Advent and the Christmas anticipation is rising over here. I'm already in the middle of Christmas baking and recipe-testing for cookies, Stollen and Co. Christmas

  • rotkohl4

    Red apple-cabbage

    By now we're moving with big steps towards Christmastime and with the already frosty weather, Christmas planning is under way. That includes, of course, the Christmas feast. Red cabbage is a must in

  • pekantarte2

    Pecan-date tart

    Ever since trying pecan nuts for the first time in the US many years ago, I'm addicted to them and they're since then, my absolute favourite nuts. Crunchy and a little sweet, but still light as a

  • apfelgalette3

    Apple and onion galette

    During fall and winter season I simply love baking and cooking with apples. I especially like to pair them with chestnuts, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and, like in this recipe, with onions. They just go

  • kakichiapudding

    Chia-persimmon and coconut pudding

    Today's recipe is a super simple and quick breakfast recipe. Soak the chia seeds overnight in the fridge and in the morning all you have to do is blend the persimmon and you're done. A delicious and

  • zitronenkekse

    Lemon and polenta cookies

    Cookies are an absolute favourite in my house because everyone in my family has a big sweet tooth. They're eaten mostly as a snack or along with some coffee or tea. Because everybody literally jumps