• Nectarine and coconut tart

    I love summer not only for the beautiful sunny weather, warm summer evenings spent outside on the terrasse, picnics on luscious green fields and taking a refreshing dip in the lake or pool but

  • Iced vanilla-date coffee

    In the last days temperatures climbing to more than 30°C already and summer seems to be upon us early this year. Cooling down is in order and although I'm a huge tea lover - chai latte being my

  • Orange nice cream

    I spent one year of my early childhood in the beautiful country of Spain near Barcelona. One of my fondest memories of this time is visiting a little restaurant in a tiny village. There, I not only

  • Gazpacho with roasted chickpeas

    Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup, served mainly on hot summer days as it's a nice refreshment to cool off. It's the perfect solution if you don't want to eat a heavy meal during the day or it makes a

  • Blackberry bars

    It's blackberry season here and this year they just started growing on their own in our garden. Due to many rainy days and the high humidity we have lots of blackberries to harvest. Even though we

  • Berry-coconut popsicles

    Popsicles are an absolute favourite in our house. So easy and fast to make and without loads of sugar and other nasty ingredients. You can even have two without feeling guilty. :-) Such a treat on hot

  • Cherry and red currant crumble

    A crumble is just like a fruit cake with streusel/crumbles on top but without a cake bottom. It's a delicious dessert idea and tastes good just on ist own or served with some scoop of vanilla ice

  • Zucchini patties

    For the very first time this year we planted our own zucchinis and by now they are growing faster than we can eat them. I raised the seedlings inside and then planted them outside in our little