• Nectarine and coconut tart

    I love summer not only for the beautiful sunny weather, warm summer evenings spent outside on the terrasse, picnics on luscious green fields and taking a refreshing dip in the lake or pool but

  • Rhubarb-raspberry crumb squares

    By now it's the middle of spring even if the month of May sends us lots of rain and cold temperatures and my last post from February feels like ages away. That it took me that long to publish a new

  • Rolled Linzer Cookies

    Ta ta ta!! A little later this week ( I was down with a bad stomach bug, thanks to my daughters kindergarten ), but here comes a great cookie recipe for Christmas time: Rolled Linzer cookies. Filled

  • Pecan-date tart

    Ever since trying pecan nuts for the first time in the US many years ago, I'm addicted to them and they're since then, my absolute favourite nuts. Crunchy and a little sweet, but still light as a

  • Granola bars with roasted bananas

    I'm a big oatmeal and granola fan since it makes for such a practical and easy meal. If there's no time in the morning to make breakfast then there's granola ready to eat. Taste great with almond or