• Cinnamon and cashew cakes

    These pretty little cinnamon and cashew cakes taste heavenly and are perfect for afternoon tea. A quick and easy recipe without actually baking. They`re also perfect to prepare ahead of time. Cashews

  • Snicker cups

    Who doesn't know the popular Snickers bar with chocolate, peanuts and caramel?! I love the combination of chocolate and peanuts but in a much healthier form than in a Snickers bar. So I really got

  • Black forest cherry smoothie bowl

    As I must have mentioned before breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I love it to constantly create new breakfast ideas. Right now cherry season is in full swing and what's better than a

  • Chocolate donuts

    Donuts. Little sweet pillows of heaven but normally not really a healthy kind of food. They're mostly fried, thickly coated with a sugar glaze and come in thousands of variations, fillings and glazes.

  • Chocolate-coconut (n)ice cream

    I love ice cream so much and there is nothing better on a hot summer day to beat the heat. Unfortunately regular store-bought ice cream is normally packed with sugar and other additives. Nice cream is

  • Strawberry and chocolate tart

    I mentioned before that I am just crazy for strawberries and I could eat them every day, all day. :-) And cake of course. I just love cake. I mean who doesn't?! But I love baking cake and everything

  • Brownies

    Happy Monday and a good start of the week to all of you! I am at home with a sick kid and therefore everything else is taking a back seat right now until Miss T. is feeling better. But whats the