• Creamy Masala and cauliflower soup

    As soon as it starts to feel like fall outside with wind blowing and rain soaking you through, it's a great idea to make some soup. Warming and comforting they fill the house with an aromatic and homy

  • Gazpacho with roasted chickpeas

    Gazpacho is a Spanish cold soup, served mainly on hot summer days as it's a nice refreshment to cool off. It's the perfect solution if you don't want to eat a heavy meal during the day or it makes a

  • Yellow lentil soup

    Uuuhhh, Regen, Regen, Regen. Hier ist es nass, kalt und ungemütlich und wir sind alle schon wieder erkältet. Frühling wo bist Du nur?? Aber was gibt es Besseres bei einer Erkältung und nasskaltem

  • Beetroot soup

    When I looked into my fridge today morning and spotted four sad beetroots, lying all forgotten in the vegetable compartment, lunch was set. The color of these beets stuns me very time so whats better