• Red apple-cabbage

    By now we're moving with big steps towards Christmastime and with the already frosty weather, Christmas planning is under way. That includes, of course, the Christmas feast. Red cabbage is a must in

  • Apple and onion galette

    During fall and winter season I simply love baking and cooking with apples. I especially like to pair them with chestnuts, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and, like in this recipe, with onions. They just go

  • Cauliflower rice with avocado cream

    At the first glimpse this recipe seems to be for rice with cauliflower but don't be fooled. It's actually "rice" only made from cauliflower. It's called rice because it looks similar. It doesn't taste

  • Quinoa nuggets

    The idea for this recipe came to me when I was buying ready-made quinoa patties in an organic food store recently. They tasted ok after reheating them and my daughter liked them too but after looking

  • Zucchini patties

    For the very first time this year we planted our own zucchinis and by now they are growing faster than we can eat them. I raised the seedlings inside and then planted them outside in our little

  • Baked sweet potato falafel

    Hello Monday! Is it just me or does time seems to just fly by on weekends?  Just now we were sitting down for Sunday brunch and suddenly it`s evening and I ask myself where time just went. But we met

  • Black rice salad

    Today the sun is shining from a clear blue sky, bees and bumblebees are buzzing and the fields are shining in a luscious green flecked with yellow flowers. I can hardly believe that the weekend is

  • Eggplant and apricot curry

    Good morning on this sunny and beautiful day! I hope you had a good start into the week. We spent our weekend in the beautiful city of Freiburg but of course time just flew by. Now it's already Monday