• Vanilla-Orange scones

    It's been really a month since my last post and I'm truly sorry for my unexplained absence. Believe me it wasn't planned at all. So it's about time for a new post and a new recipe, don't you think??!!

  • Chia-persimmon and coconut pudding

    Today's recipe is a super simple and quick breakfast recipe. Soak the chia seeds overnight in the fridge and in the morning all you have to do is blend the persimmon and you're done. A delicious and

  • Caramel-cinnamon apple smoothie

    During fall I simply love cooking, baking and creating new recipes with all the wonderful seasonal produce. Crunchy and crisp apples are a big part of it. They're just so versatile and add so much

  • Berry-cherry and chia jam

    If you like to eat jam but want to stay away from refined sugar, then it can be really challenging to find jam without sugar. But look no further, I got you covered because it is so easy to just make

  • Lemon and poppy-seed pancakes

    I always wanted to try the combination of lemon and poppy-seeds and I finally managed it over the weekend. I came up with this pancake recipe and they just taste so good. Really light and fluffy. The

  • Oat and yoghurt tartlets

    Happy Friday! I am so glad for the weekend and can't wait for the summer holidays to get some much needed rest. The last weeks have been rather busy and exhausting here. These cute little tartlets

  • Chai-spiced overnight chia oats

    Although I am actually a morning person, there are days I have to drag myself out of bed and just want to be left alone. I do love breakfast and I even like to stand in the kitchen and prepare a nice

  • Cherry and red currant crumble

    A crumble is just like a fruit cake with streusel/crumbles on top but without a cake bottom. It's a delicious dessert idea and tastes good just on ist own or served with some scoop of vanilla ice